Jaco Beach Costa Rica Tours

Jaco Beach Costa Rica Tours
Jaco Costa Rica Tours

Jaco Beach Costa Rica Tours

Although there are many choices for vacationers traveling to Costa Rica, there is only one true fun and adventure place and that is the town of Jaco beach, located on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Jaco is only an hour away from the San Jose airport (SJO) taking the brand new highway recently opened to the public. Once there, you will find everything from shops to restaurants and plenty of night life. Jaco is a beach town and is popular for it's sport fishing, surfing and easily accessible adventure tours, but it's the night life that attracts many visitors.
The following are the different adventure and natural tours that you can make while staying in Jaco Beach Costa Rica during your vacations.

Jaco Beach Costa Rica Tours

Jaco Mangrove Monkey Tour
Mangrove Monkey Tours Jaco, Enjoy a unique experience and have fun with this eco-tour in the mangroves. You will take a guided tour by boat or kayak through the mangrove channels of the Damascus Estuary. There are Cayman, bat snakes and white face Capuchin monkeys which have the main event when they show up, many marine exotic birds appear everywhere.

Jaco Waterfall Tours 

It is an excursion that all lovers of waterfall and nature must do in Jaco Beach. Discover the true meaning of "Pura Vida" with guides who will take you to the lush tropical forest near Jaco Beach. The majestic natural landscape will be overwhelming throughout the tour. Upstream, discover more than ten incredible waterfalls.
Arenal Volcano Tour

Arenal Volcano Jaco Tours, Arenal is located in the northern part of the country in a typical area of ​​cloud forest and rainforest near the Fortuna de San Carlos. Arenal volcano in a perfect cone, which was active since its last big explosion in 1968. Tourists from around the world come to see this magnificent volcano and the beautiful and comfortable region.

Rainforest aerial tram Jaco

On the aerial tram tour Jaco Gondolas you share the air with other flying creatures on this lush tree sky. It is a wonderful sight for those who are ornithologists; You can also enjoy a glimpse of other wildlife such as White Face Monkeys, Sloth's and Anteaters. After your ride through/above the trees, you will receive the most professional and profound explanation of plants, insects, snakes and other wild animals from your guide.

Crocodile Tour Jaco
The Crocodile Tours are a 25-minute drive north of Jaco Beach, the tour takes place in the famous Tarcoles River instead as it houses one of the world's largest populations of crocodiles in Central America, known as the American Crocodile among the older ones reach 18 feet long, some guide touch the leaders with their hands and play with them from the boat and on the edge of the river, prepare your camera for fantastic photos.

White water rafting tour
For those who love adventures, whitewater rafting gives you the possibility to feel the rush of adrenaline and heart pumping in the most natural river experience and the most pleasant. The topography of Costa Rica and its heavy rains are responsible for some of the best rivers for rafting, which are considered one of the best in the world.

Jaco Zip Line Tours
Jaco Zip Line Tours when visiting Jaco Beach, visiting the zip line is a must, you can not miss one of the best outdoor adventures, canopy zip line tour is a project that not only as an extreme adventure, but also as a way to enjoy nature without harming the environment.

Horse Riding Tours Jaco
If you are looking for a relaxing and neutral way to explore the wonders of Costa Rica, riding on 80 acres of exclusive land is for you. The terrain is beautiful and you can ride some of the most beautiful and well maintained horses in the area. Stroll through farmland, dense rainforest and even your own waterfall!

ATV Tours Jaco
It's funny! While traveling in the Jaco area of ​​Costa Rica, you will see parts of the country that are completely out of reach of traditional vehicles. During your adventure, you can splash in the rivers, romp on the trails, play in hidden cascading pools and fly over the dirt roads of small mountain towns. The best part is ... you do not even have to be an experienced off-road driver for these tours and you can choose the weapon with which you are attacking the hinterland of Costa Rica.

Monteverde Tour
Monteverde Tours Jaco is one of the most exotic destinations in Costa Rica where you will enjoy amazing ecological adventure, the Monteverde Cloud Forest is always visited by lots (hundred) of tourists and biologists from all over the world every year, Monte Verde is the nest for the famous Quetzalcoatl.

Carara National Park Tours
Carara National Park offers easy trails (including universal access trails), beautiful jungle and good tourist facilities. Some of the best bird watching in Costa Rica is identified here with more than 400 species.

Manuel Antonio National Park Tours
A lush rain forest and coastal, picturesque white sand beaches, turquoise bays and an incredible wildlife viewing - it is no wonder that Manuel Antonio is one of the most visited national parks in Costa Rica. Once at the Park Guides will instruct you about the visit. Follow by a 1 hr walk that you wont forget, while you can find the most exotic species of mammals, birds and incredible insects that you will appreciate through your guide’s Telescope.

Poas Volcano
Poas Volcano has one of the largest craters in Central America, about 2 km in diameter, which you can reach by foot to the crater overlook, and the natural scenarios that this location offers are superb.

Jaco Costa Rica Tours

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